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Cayenne Pepper and Hair Loss

When applied external on the human skin, rubefacient herbs like cayenne pepper causes irritation and redness of the skin-consequently, there is the attraction of the blood towards the area of the skin where the rubefacient herb was applied.

It is the increased peripheral blood circulation that helps in relieving pain, reducing congestion and inflammation of the external tissues.

Most analgesic creams, liniments and lotions available commercially today, contains capsaicin as their main active component.

cayenne peppers and hair loss Applying any product that contains capsaicin extracted from cayenne pepper -will first of all stimulate or cause the skin to glow fiery red (due to the irritation of mucous membrane) and subsequently, decreases the intensity of visceral pain in the area of where the product was applied.

Hair Loss-made cayenne oil could be prepared by infusing 25g of dried ground cayenne pepper in 500ml of vegetable oil such as sunflower, olive oil, etc for about 10 to 14 days.

The oil is warmed daily under a very low heat.

Other rubefacient herbs such as cloves, mustard, ginger, black pepper could be added if desired.

Hair Loss-made cayenne liniment is however, superior to the cayenne oil because it absorbs easily through the skin when it is applied externally.

A liniment is usually prepared by steeping rubefacient herbs like cayenne into 70 per cent alcohol for about 10 - 14 days.

After filtering, the liniment is then bottled and labelled and is ready for external use. The cayenne oil prepared as indicated above could be added to the liniment to double or to enhance its efficacy.

Alternatively, other essential oils like the Eucalyptus oil, oil of cloves, etc could be added to the liniment to improve its healing quality.

Cayenne pepper could be applied directly on the skin in the form of herbal poultice. Ground dried cayenne pepper is made into a paste by adding hot water.

Alternatively, the ground or powdered pepper could be mixed with equal quantity of powdered charcoal and then mixed into a paste with hot water.

The cayenne or its mixture with charcoal is spread directly on the affected part. The cayenne could also spread between gauze and placed on the affected part. It is then covered with light cloth or gauze and bandaged loosely.

You can actually mix cayenne with water, make a paste and massage your scalp with it. You leave it in 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it out. 

Excellent results have been seen with alopecia, male pattern baldness and excellent results also in women that have lost their hair.

In the early days of medical practice, the practitioners stimulates hair growth in cases of alopecia (hair loss) by massaging the scalp with a mixture of cayenne pepper, and salt into fresh onion juice - cayenne triggers off increased blood circulation to the scalp - which increases its nourishment and hair growth.

Today, most natural hair tonic contains, cayenne or the capsaicin extracted from it as an essential ingredients.

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