Hair Loss Advice


Rogaine FAQ

Q. How soon does Regaine® Regular Strength start to work?

A. Hair grows slowly. At the start, for the first 2 - 6 weeks, there may be a temporary increase in hair loss - but please don't be alarmed! This is a perfectly normal reaction to Regaine® Regular Strength indicating that the hairs are shifting from a dormant growing phase to an active growing phase.

You may start to notice hair growth after 4 months' application. If no growth is apparent after 12 months, it is unlikely that Regaine® Regular Strength will produce new hair for you.

Q. What happens if I stop using Regaine® Regular Strength?

A. If Regaine® Regular Strength produces new hair, you must keep applying it to retain the new growth. Otherwise, any new hair

may disappear within 3 - 4 months of it growing. If you start on Regaine® Regular Strength and find it satisfactory, it is important to treat continuously.

Stop-start treatment with Regaine® Regular Strength does not produce as good a result.

So Regaine® Regular Strength involves a definite commitment once it starts to produce results.

hair loss

It's important to note that Regaine® Regular Strength can slow down hair loss in people who have thinning hair.

So if you are looking for signs that Regaine® Regular Strength is working, you should also check to see if your hair loss has slowed.

Q. What will the new hair look like?

A. New hair may be soft and downy to begin with. Later in the course of treatment it may change and become the same colour and thickness as the rest of your hair.

Q. Is Regaine® Regular Strength for all kinds of baldness & hair loss?

A. No. It is not for sudden, unexpected hair loss, as may happen during pregnancy or after childbirth, or due to thyroid disorders. Regaine® Regular Strength should not be used during pregnancy or while breast feeding. Regaine® Regular Strength should not be used to treat patchy hair loss due to scalp inflammation or other causes, or total loss of body hair. With any of these types of baldness, always see your doctor.

Q. How does Regaine® Regular Strength work?

A. It is not known how Regaine® Regular Strength works. It may increase the blood supply to the hair follicles in your scalp.

Q. Is shampooing necessary before applying Regaine® Regular Strength?

A. No, but if you do choose to shampoo, use one that has a gentle cleansing and conditioning action that does not impede the absorption of Regaine® Regular Strength or damage new hair growth.

Q. If I do shampoo, how long must I wait before applying Regaine® Regular Strength?

A. Be sure the scalp is thoroughly dry, apply Regaine® Regular Strength one hour after shampooing.

Q. Can I use conditioners, hair sprays, or other common hair preparations while using Regaine® Regular Strength?

A. Yes. Regaine® Regular Strength should be applied to the dry scalp before any other preparations are applied.

Q. Can I have my hair dyed or permanent waved?

A. Yes. There is no need to change your hair care routine. However, you should tell your hairdresser that you are using Regaine® Regular Strength. To minimise breakage of existing hair, any massaging of your scalp should be gentle, and any comb used should have widely spaced, round teeth to avoid excessive pulling.

Q. How much does Regaine® Regular Strength cost?

A. Regaine® Regular Strength only costs £24.95 per month, which works out as 83p per day.

Q. Can I apply Regaine® Regular Strength after swimming?

A. Yes, as long as your hair is dry. However Regaine® Regular Strength should not be applied more than twice daily.

Q. How long will a bottle of Regaine® Regular Strength last?

A. One bottle of Regaine® Regular Strength should last for 30 days if applied twice a day according to directions. As you near the end of one pack, another one should be bought so that you do not miss a daily application.

Q. Why do boxes always include new applicators? Why aren't refills available?

A. Each pack comes with new applicators, so you can be assured that the metering device is always delivering the correct amount of solution and that it has not become clogged or damaged over time.