Hair Loss Advice


Rogaine for Women FAQ

Will Rogaine® For Women help me keep the hair I have and prevent further hair loss? 

In a user survey from clinical studies, four out of five women reported that Rogaine helped to slow or stop their hair loss. 

Can I use hair sprays, mousses, gels, conditioners or other styling aids, while using Rogaine For Women? 

Yes. Hair sprays, spritzes or styling aids can be used on hair while using Rogaine For Women. Simply apply Rogaine For Women first and wait for it to dry approximately 20 minutes before applying any styling aids.

How soon can I expect results by using Rogaine For Women?

Since it takes a normal hair follicle about one month to grow ½ inch, it will also take Rogaine For Women some time to work.

Continued use of Rogaine For Women twice a day for at least four months is usually needed before you notice hair regrowth. It may take up to eight months to see your best results. womens rogaine

When you first begin to use Rogaine For Women, your hair thinning or shedding may increase for two to four weeks.

This hair thinning is temporary and happens because Rogaine For Women is stimulating the hair growth cycle, so that old hair is being pushed out to prepare for new growth.

If you continue to experience increased hair thinning after four weeks, see your doctor.

Should I try Rogaine For Women even though I am not experiencing hair loss? 

No, Rogaine For Women should only be used if you are experiencing hereditary hair loss. If you think you are losing your hair for any other reason, consult with your doctor.

What is the dosage? 

You should apply a dose (1mL) of Rogaine For Women directly to the scalp in the hair loss area twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. The nighttime application should occur 2-4 hours before you go to bed to allow for drying. Each bottle should last about a month, if used as directed.

Each applicator is designed to deliver the recommended dose directly to the scalp. If you are using the dropper, fill up the dropper to the 1mL line marked on the dropper. If you are using the extended sprayer, use 6 sprays. Rub into the scalp with your fingers, then wash your hands.

What happens if I get new hair regrowth and I stop using Rogaine For Women? 

Continuous use of Rogaine For Women is needed to maintain the hair you've regrown. If you stop using Rogaine For Women, the hair follicles that are genetically predetermined to hair thinning will return to their shortened growth cycle and will eventually stop growing hair. It will probably take about three to four months for you to lose your newly regrown hair after you discontinue use of Rogaine For Women.

Can I have my hair colored or permed while using Rogaine For Women? 

Yes. We have no evidence that chemical services interfere with the effectiveness of Rogaine For Women. However, certain people do experience scalp irritation from chemical services and for that reason we recommend the following precautions:

1. To avoid possible scalp irritation, inform your stylist and make sure all the Rogaine For Women has been cleansed from the hair and scalp prior to the service.

2. Do not apply Rogaine For Women for 24 hours after your service to ensure your scalp has not been irritated. If no irritation has occurred, resume use of Rogaine For Women. There is no need to use more or to make up for missed applications.

Are there special instructions for washing my hair?

Yes. Be sure that after using a mild cleansing shampoo, such as Progaine®, you towel dry or blow-dry your hair. Your scalp should be dry before applying Rogaine For Women. You don't want the hair and scalp to be wet or the solution may run off the scalp.

Can I style my hair as usual while using Rogaine For Women?

Yes. Since Rogaine For Women is applied to the scalp, not the hair, it should not affect the way you normally style your hair. Simply apply Rogaine For Women first, then style as usual.

What if I miss a dose or forget to use Rogaine For Women?

If you miss a dose, just continue with your next dose. You should not make up for missed doses.

Can I use Rogaine For Women more than two times a day? Will it work better or faster? 

No. Rogaine For Women will not work better or faster if used more than two times a day. Studies have been carefully conducted to determine the correct amount of Rogaine For Women needed to get the best results.

More frequent use or larger doses have not been shown to speed up hair regrowth and may increase your chances of side effects.