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About Stop Hair Loss Now


Hi and welcome to stophairlossnow. My name is Bill Mercer and this site has been developed from the days when I was a Senior Hair Loss Consultant within a major UK hair loss clinic.

I left that business after becoming disillusioned with some of the shady practices and sales techniques used by some so-called respectable clinics.

As a consultant I was only too aware of the lack of accurate information available to many people.

It the lack of any reliable information that first prompted me to research the subject, and it was from this early research that this web site has developed.

To the best of my ability, this site aims to provide unbiased information and support to anyone with any type of hair complaint or problem.

I will be updating the site regularly with all the latest news and scientific discoveries.

This web site is not a replacement for advice from your doctor, rather it provides additional information to base your course of actions on.

Always seek professional help if you are in doubt about anything.

I do not represent any company or endorse any specific products. You must decide for yourself what course you should take. You will find advertising on this site, however that is to allow me to keep this site free for you.

All advertisers are reputable and only deal in hair loss products that have been scientifically proven.