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Hair Loss Options - Hair Concealers

The effects these products can produce can be very impressive. With a little practice you will be able to cover up any bald spots.


These products are a hard-packed, colored powder that coats and thickens your hair. It won't clog your pores or affect your hair's growth in any way. It allows your skin to breathe freely and it's safe to wear all day every day.



New product category for individuals suffering from thinning hair. Most are a "serious, effective and advanced aerosolized polymer for thickening hair, cosmetically eliminating bald spots or thinning hair".

The products in this range spray onto the hair, and require a bit of practice to get the required result. If someone applies it for you, the results will be much better.

Prothik Fullmore 


This is a safe, natural way to eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. It's not a spray, cream or cover-up. You apply them by simply holding the custom container over your thinning area, and shaking it gently. In seconds, thousands of tiny color matched hair fibers will intertwine with your own hair.

Charged with static electricity, the bond so securely that they will stay in place all day and night, in even the strongest wind or hardest rain.

Nanogen Toppik HairSoReal Couvre

Hair Loss Options - Hair Concealers