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Nanogen for Hair Loss

Nanogen Nanofibres

Nanogen Nanofibres

Nanofibres actually merge with your own hair, adding real volume, allowing styling like you never again thought possible. Every time you look in the mirror you will be truly amazed by the natural results.

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How Do Nanofibres Work?

Nanogen is applied quickly and without mess by simply shaking the container over the thinning area, releasing thousands of the microscopic colour-matched hair fibres, which intertwine with, and branch off of the real hairs. 

Charged with static electricity, they bond in fir tree patterns along the hair fibre so securely that they will stay in place all day, in strong winds and rain, and will not stain or smear, but can be easily washed out with a shampoo wash. 

The fir tree pattern creates a realistic looking, and realistic feeling, density to the hair. Other sprays and creams simply colour the scalp to make the hair loss less visible. Nanogen is completely different.

As the Nanofibres actually cling to individual hairs, the effect feels natural and allows styling like you never again thought possible. Every time you look in the mirror you will be truly satisfied with this product.

Available in 10 natural looking shades which can be combined to produce the colour you require. You can even mix dark and light colours (e.g. Dark Brown and Grey) to give the 'salt and pepper' look.

Unlike some of the other products like this, only the Nanogen dispensing unit uses advanced polymers and a metalic static strip to add static charge during use. Look for the special "Nanogen" markings. Nanogen is really simple to apply and can take as little as 30 seconds or less once you get used to it. 

Directions for Use

Wash and Dry hair. After styling, sprinkle Nanogen Nanofibres over the thinning areas until the scalp is no longer visible. 

Using your hand, pat and shape the area so that the Nanofibres can merge seamlessly with your existing hair. Don't use a comb or brush. 

Apply Nanogen Locking Mist to bind the hair-fibre matrix.

Will Nanofibres Work for You ?

YES - guaranteed or your money back! That's what the manufacturers claim and after testing this product extensively we have decided to offer the same guarantee to our customers.

Contrary to what you may think, thinning scalps contain thousands of colourless 'vellus' hairs (peach fuzz) which can been seen if you look very carefully at a balding scalp.

These hairs, together with normal 'terminal' hairs are able to bond tightly with Nanogen fibres when they are sprinkled over the thinning area. An incredibly natural pattern resembling a fir tree branch is achieved on each individual hair.

As each of the thousands of remaining hairs are thickened many times over, the appearance and feel of density is confidently achieved.

Nanogen is designed to work equally as effectively on both men AND women, and for people of any age. Whether you're a gentleman who accepts gradual loss over the years, but would like to cosmetically control the rate and scale of their thinning appearance, or if you are a lady that has a thinning problem which tends not to get much worse than patchy loss or generalised thinning - Nanogen is will work for you.

Freqently Asked Questions

Q. How long do the fibres last?

Nanogen fibres last approximately between 45 and 60 days dependent on use. Simply shake (with the lid screwed on) to gauge how much you have left.

Q. Will the fibres become dislodged?

Applied correctly, the fibres can be used with confidence. We recommend applying a layer of fibres, followed by a few short bursts of the spray to hold them in place. This should then be repeated for extra volume.

Q. Are the fibres safe to use with other products for sale on your site?

Yes. These special fibres are completely non-toxic and do not interfere with any topical formulations that you may find on Nanofibres are simply a cosmetic preparation.

Q. Can the fibres stain clothes or bedlinen for example?

No. Our fibres are 100% colourfast so no dye is transferred. If the fibres drop onto a surface, simply dust them away with a dry hand.

Q. My hair is greying slightly - Are Nanofibres suitable?

Yes. You should sprinkle the main colour first (e.g. black, brown, blonde etc) followed by a sprinkling from a grey (or white) container. The fibres are completely dry and will intermingle perfectly. This method can be used with any colour combination (e.g. highlights).