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lasercomb for hair losshair loss lasercomb
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Conventional hair laser hood needing clinic visits. Inconvenient and expensive (long term)

For many years, leading hair clinics and salons in Europe, Asia and around the world have been using 'cold-beam' laser technology also known as 'Low-Level Laser Therapy" to treat thousands of customers suffering from thinning hair.

This is a chronic problem, requiring laser (or any other) treatment to be ongoing in order to maintain its effectiveness, so you're constantly visiting a hair clinic or salon, and facing ongoing, often exorbitant, costs. Until HairMax...

In Australia, our founding Director operated a hair care clinic specializing in laser therapy and focused on developing the best possible treatment method. Men and Women throughout Australia experienced exciting and impressive results. Through two decades of practical observations and technical research we have created an ideal solution.

lasercomb hair loss

Now, Lexington International have developed and patented the HairMax Laser Comb to miniaturize the internationally established technology of laser hair care. So now you can bring effective hair care technology into the comfort and privacy of your Hair Loss, office or hotel - at a fraction of the cost charged.

8 Reasons why you will love the HairMax LaserComb

Easy to use. Only 10 minutes once or twice a week for optimum results.
No more messy, twice-a-day lotions or drugs with possible side effects.

Safety Standards.
Complies with USA FDA CDRH laser product safety standards, section 21.

Convenient Hair Loss treatment.
No more traveling to hair care clinics.

  • Increase the fullness of your own hair naturally.
    No transplants or hairpieces.

  • Improve hair condition.
    Increase hair shine, bounce and manageability. May reduce dandruff and scalp itch.

  • Use Worldwide.
    Designed to be equipped with interchangeable power transformers.

  • Attractive ergonomic design with high-tech feel.
    Designed to fit the hand like a brush

  • Easy purchase plan.
    And no more high, ongoing costs

  • The First Personal Laser for Hair Loss

    With the HairMax LaserComb you can now enjoy the hair retention and growth of cold beam, low level laser treatment at Hair Loss. The LaserComb is a miniaturized, but equally effective version of professional Laser units costing up to $50,000. Using the LaserComb for just 5 minutes at a time just twice a week, you can see results that could only be achieved for thousands of dollars in expensive medical clinics. The HairMax LaserComb will be the best investment you can make for a lifetime of fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair.

    How the Hairmax LaserComb Works

    Simply pass the LaserComb through your hair for five minutes just twice a week. Every time you use it, the LaserComb sends nourishing light into your hair follicles to energize them and improve circulation. The cold beam laser stimulates the tissues of the scalp, and the red corpuscles that deliver life giving oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb. And a healthier scalp is far more likely to grow more hair. You can use the HairMax LaserComb by itself or along with other treatments. Over time, hair follicles can weaken and hair growth can deteriorate. So act now to energize your hair.

    See Results Faster

    With the HairMax LaserComb, most people see noticeable results in just 6 weeks. The HairMax LaserComb complies with FDA requirements for laser safety. It only goes as deep as your hair follicles. It's safe and easy to use.

    Long Lasting

    Very inexpensive long-term!

    The laser module has an estimated life of 5-15,000 hours. At 10-20 minutes per week the LaserComb would last 200+ years. Obviously there would be wear and tear before then. Realistic life span is 10+ years if the LaserComb is used in normal condition, not thrown at a loved one or dropped. This equates to less then $65 per year.

    An Easy Decision If you are interested, try it without risk!

    Thousands of people around the world have happily used cold-beam laser for their hair. HairMax LaserComb simply makes enjoying the advantages of this therapy easier and more affordable. In fact, we are so confident that you will see results and be totally satisfied with your HairMax LaserComb that we have established an 'Easy Decision Trial Offer'.

    lasercomb for hair losshair loss lasercomb
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    HairCombFAQ | HairComb Studies