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Using Hair Loss Concealers


Hair Loss Concealers

Hair concealers are great for the job that they do. They do a good job in covering up hair loss but will never restore hair.

They can provide an impressive head of hair provided you have hair to start with. You cannot spray or shake fibres onto a bald scalp and expect to achieve a head of hair.

Anyone with intermediate hair loss, including men, women or children can use the products. Intermediate hair loss is when the scalp shows through in small bald or thinning areas.

The products should not be applied directly to the scalp, this is when it starts to look false and will not produce impressive results.

The result when applied properly can be very impressive. Often people use the products only on special occasions such as at a wedding when they know that they will be photographed. It can cover up your bald patch and make it appear normal.

The products are all available in a variety of colours to match your hair naturally.

The products can all be used with treatments like regaine with no problems.

My favourite product in this area is nanogen: More Here

Nanogen is applied quickly and easily by simply shaking the container over the thinning area, releasing thousands of the microscopic colour matched hair fibres, which intertwine with, and branch off of the real hairs.

As the Nanofibres actually cling to individual hairs, the effect feels natural and allows styling like you never again thought possible. Every time you look in the mirror you will be truly amazed. 

Your hair can then withstand wind and rain and will stay in place all day with no smudging.

Like all these products Nanogen washes out with shampooing. 

Using a concealer will take a bit of practice but you can get very impressive results. Having someone apply the concealer for you to start with is a good idea but you will get used to applying by yourself and get very good results.