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It gets blown, twisted, sun-damaged, and tugged on. Your hair takes quite a beating. But it doesn't have to look beaten — even if it's thinning.

Of course, you're not a celebrity with a team of health and beauty experts at your disposal. Like most women, you're probably juggling a family, a job, and other pursuits.

And if you're like many women with thinning hair, you may not feel entirely comfortable talking about it, even with your doctor or hairstylist.

So where can you turn when you've got questions?

Now the answers you're looking for are as close as your keyboard. Just click on the links below to find answers to some of the questions women commonly ask about thinning hair — from expert points of view in dermatology, psychology, and hairstyling.

You'll find practical advice on everything from dealing with some of the feelings you may have about your appearance to what steps you can take now to bring about hair regrowth using Women's Rogaine.

Dermatology FAQs
Psychology FAQs
Hairstyling FAQs

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