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Hair Loss Option - Do Nothing - Be Bald and Proud

Of all the option that are available this is your cheapest.

Worrying about hair loss could be described as the male equivalent of women worrying about their breasts.

For some people the thinking is that when the hair goes their self esteem goes with it, their self image is shattered, so possibly is their sex life, without hair many people think their first problem is sex, their second problem is sex and their third problem is sex.

None of this need be so, it just requires you to have a different outlook from the traditional ways that society has convinced us to think.

It is easy to understand why people go for all these alterations to their appearance but at the same time they may find once the changes have been made their own self esteem hasn't changed any.

The work they have to do on themselves is inside rather than outside.

People are always more critical of themselves and never see themselves as others actually see them. It may be that a different hair style could make all the difference in accepting hair loss.

Talk to your hairdresser for advice on what they could do for your hair. The universal rule in dealing with thinning hair is, less is more. When in doubt cut, if the hair is kept shorter it can actually be made to look fuller.

A skilled hairdresser can also help when hair is thinning in certain areas only. For many the first sign of hair loss is thinning at the temples, when the hairline is creeping back and back.

This can be minimised by trimming the hair short at the front, while letting the hair at your temples grow longer. Although a receding hairline dealt with properly, can give a certain degree of dignity, there's not much glamour attached to a bald spot, that circular shape at the crown.

Tactics here are to keep the back short, long hair at the back of the head will be heavier, pulling down and away from the crown and exposing the balding area.

Avoid using gel as this tends to cause the hair to stick together thus exposing bald patches more easily. Washing your hair every day will also help to make your hair look thicker.

One gentleman who used to wear a wig for years suddenly decided to discard it. He suddenly feels free, people accept him and hardly notice the difference.

What they do notice is the brightness in his eyes and his happiness from being accepted for how he is.

Hair replacement is often about making yourself attractive to the opposite sex but if you feel good about yourself and are confident, that's the biggest turn on.

Whether you do or do not have hair, whether your nose, ears or any other part of your body is right or not doesn't really matter. As long as you feel good about yourself, that is perhaps the most important thing.

It is hoped this web site has helped you look at your hair loss in a new light and has given you ideas about what can and cannot be done to resolve it.

Why not just accept hair loss for what it is and say Proud to be Bald.

Hair Loss Option - Do Nothing - Be Bald and Proud