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Propecia is a medical breakthrough, it represents an exciting step towards arresting and reversing the progress of male pattern baldness in males.

The daily use of Propecia is today's most famous hair loss therapy. World wide this is the number one choice for stopping and reversing hair loss.

Clinical trials prove that Propecia stopped hair loss in over 80% of cases and regrowth was noticed in over 64% - An excellent success rate, unbeaten by any other treatment.More Details:-


In the late 1970s, the American drugs company Upjohn's whose drug minoxidil, which was being used as an internal medication to treat severe blood pressure, was accidentally found to have some bizarre side effects such as the ability to reverse or slow down the balding process.

If administered externally as a lotion directly to a " bald spot" at the top of the head that still had "peach fuzz" hairs remaining, a 2% solution of minoxidil was shown to be able to start the hairs growing longer and becoming thicker again in a small percentage of men.

Now produced under the trade name of Rogaine, minoxidil still helps a lot of people slow down the rate of hair loss, although the success in regrowth of hair is limited. More Details :-

Hair Loss Options - Hair Loss Drugs