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December 2013

Cutting edge physician helps patients beat baldness

Male pattern baldness, the main cause of hair loss, affects an estimated quarter of men by the age of 30 and two-thirds by the age of 60.

Women also can experience hair loss or thinning hair.

Studies have found that hair loss can have far-reaching consequences for many people, leading to low self-confidence and even impaired quality of life.

Anthony Bared, M.D., knows the impact that hair loss can have on a person’s wellbeing. He is performing hair transplants at the Foundation for Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery, located in South Miami, and changing people’s lives.

Dr. Bared joins Jeffrey Epstein, M.D., the founder of the practice and leader in the hair transplantation field. Both Drs. Bared and Epstein specialize in hair loss treatments, including hair transplant repair, hairline lowering, male pattern baldness and women’s hair replacement.

Each were fellowship trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and have extensive facial plastic surgery backgrounds.

“Patients benefit from this expertise,” said Dr. Bared. This means that patients get the most natural appearing results. Dr. Bared performs follicular unit micrografts – the most commonly chosen hair restoration procedure.

Because of Dr. Bared’s aesthetic skill, this technique results in hairlines that both look and function naturally.

He also performs the advanced procedure called follicular unit extraction, which avoids a linear donor site incision. With this technique, grafts are harvested one at a time with tiny punches, which then usually heal as virtually undetectable dots in the scalp, says Dr. Bared.

This technique is not offered by most surgeons because it is technically challenging. Dr. Bared also treats women suffering from female pattern hair loss, which can be devastating for a woman’s self-image.

“Many women suffer in silence because it is considered far more acceptable for men to experience hair loss,” Dr. Bared said. “Hair transplantation restores women’s hair, along with their self-confidence.”

Dr. Bared also performs specialized hair transplantation procedures, such as eyebrow and facial hair transplants.

These procedures can enhance a patient’s eyebrows or restore them due to over-plucking, or add facial hair that is not present naturally. He also treats women who have had facelifts that resulted in scarring at the hairline, and men who have facial scarring and want to regrow hair in the area.

“This work is very gratifying because patients are so happy with their results and so relieved,” Dr. Bared added. “It has an incredible psychological impact.” Patient Michael Miller agrees. “After four years of contemplating having a hair transplant, I went for it,” he said. “And I’m so glad I did. I am reinvigorated and my outlook on life is better.

” The majority of individuals choose to have their procedure performed under local anesthesia with a mild, short-acting sedative. Patients leave bandage-free and are prescribed antibiotics and medicine to reduce the chance of swelling and mild pain pills to make sleeping more comfortable.

“Most people are back to work within two days, and return to all normal activities after one week,” said Dr. Bared. Miller says the procedure was virtually painless. “I took a couple Advil for the first few days. I stayed home from work the day after the procedure, and then it was back to work as usual,” he said.

Dr. Bared is committed to offering the most modern techniques in one of few operating rooms in the country used exclusively for hair restoration and fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

In addition, Dr. Bared offers a wide variety of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, septoplasty, facelift, necklift, forehead lift, eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, earlobe repair, scar revision and more.

He also provides a full range of aesthetic injectables, including Botox and fillers and other anti-aging treatments like laser resurfacing of the face.

Dr. Bared obtained his medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine, where he was inducted into the AOA Medical Honor Society.

After completing his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital, he was one of 40 nationwide to be awarded a highly competitive fellowship by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Additionally, Dr. Bared is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. Bared can be reached at the Foundation for Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery, located in the Sunset Professional Building, 6280 Sunset Drive, Suite 504.

For more information, call 305-666-1774 or visit