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  Hair Savers for Women : A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide to Preventing and Treating Hair Loss is the first and only book to address this important cosmetic health issue.

It covers the very latest solutions and advances in treating female hair loss, from medicine to natural remedies, and introduces women to a whole new world of safe, clinically proven baldness remedies.

For women whose hair loss persists, the book discusses surgical alternatives such as hair transplants and scalp reductions, as well as the pros and cons of hair weaves and wigs.

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The Bald Truth : The First Complete Guide

Laying bare decades of hair-raising hype in the $7 billion-a-year hair treatment and restoration industry, consumer advocate Spencer David Kobren shows how Propecia's active agent Finasteride helped him combat his male pattern baldness.

Complete with information on new treatments in development, "The Bald Truth" helps readers learn about the latest in hair restoration, how nutrition can supercharge treatment, the power of herbal treatments, hair systems, and much more. hair loss

  Propecia : The Hair-Growth Breakthrough

Millions of American men are desperately seeking a cure for hair loss. Propecia, a revolutionary new drug recently approved by the FDA, is a prescription pill that has proven effective in reversing male pattern baldness. The book takes an in-depth look at this new miracle treatment, explaining what it is and why it works.

In addition, Dr. Othniel Seiden explores the potential side effects, reviews case histories, explains the physiology and anatomy of hair loss, and reveals why Propecia is expected to replace Rogaine as the household name for hair loss books


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  The Hair Loss Cure : How to Treat Alopecia

Sudden hair loss can strike at any age and is on the increase, especially among women.

This practical and sympathetic guide to the subject contains everything you need to know if you suffer from alopecia areata or thinning hair.
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  Alopecia Areata : Understanding and Coping

'Hair loss' is the common name for this condition, which can affect not only aging males but women and children.

This title surveys the condition, new drug therapies, and current research and experimental treatments, providing new insights on a disease which causes hair to fall out. hair loss books

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